Customize your TAMRON lens for maximum performance and enjoyment

TAMRON Lens Utility™ is dedicated software that can customize functions and update the firmware of TAMRON lenses equipped with a Connector Port (USB Type-C) using a computer. Personalizing lens settings to match your shooting style allows you to be more creative and makes photography more fun.

A-B Focus

Lets you smoothly and easily shift focus from one subject to another

This function allows you to shift focus at a preset speed, as is frequently done when recording video. Get exactly the kind of visual expression you want, for example, by slowly shifting the focus from a distant subject to one closer to you, or by guiding the gaze of the person viewing the video. Use the Focus Set Button to record two preset focal points in advance. Afterwards, a simple press on the Focus Set Button allows you to shoot while moving focus automatically and at a set speed; you don’t have to worry about the speed blur associated with manual focus, and you can achieve stable visual expression.

Focus Preset

Move focus to a prerecorded focal point with one press

This function allows you to preset focal points, for example, to deliberately defocus a subject during a video transition or to access a focal point for night photography. You can set the focus movement speed when recording video. You can also set focus on a preset focal point at maximum speed with a single press when taking still photographs. This feature broadens the range of your visual expression.

Focus Ring

Function SettingMakes manual focus easier to use[MF Method]

This function adjusts focus movement when using manual focus. You can choose between “Non-linear,” where the amount of focal point movement changes based on how fast you rotate the focus ring, and “Linear,” where the focal point moves based on how much you rotate the focus ring. Some lenses allow users to adjust rotation as well, to offer more personalization.

Select AF/MF

Switch between Autofocus and Manual Focus

This function switches between AF and MF using the Focus Set Button on lenses that lack an AF/MF switch. This makes operation easier when shooting scenes that require frequent use of AF/MF switching.

Firmware Updates

Update lens to the latest firmware version

You can update the firmware of the lens to the latest version by yourself.

* Please note that lens firmware cannot be updated via the camera. All firmware updates, for lenses that have a Connector Port, are available via this software only.