18-200mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC Model B018

One lens brings all of life’s treasures into focus.

Tamron B018

Experience the world’s lightest 18-200mm class lens.

Covering focal lengths from 18 to 200mm, this compact zoom can take great shots in a myriad of situations.

Tamron introduces a lens made for capturing everyday life and special occasions with a smile. The 18-200mm VC is the culmination of our persistent efforts to perfect the high-power zoom lens category since 1992.

This innovative lens is lightweight, high quality and ideal as a beginner’s first interchangeable lens — or a casual user’s only lens.

Key Features

Frame shots instantly — no need to change lenses

Covers the zoom range you need for everyday shots, providing the flexibility to take group photos in tight spaces or make distant subjects appear closer—all with just one lens.

Tamron B018 – a birthday wide shot at 18mm


Capture everything in the scene right in front of you with an 18mm wide angle.

Tamron B018 – a giraffe at 200mm


Zoom right in instantly to get those faraway details in close-up – no need to carry an additional telephoto lens when you’re travelling.

Tamron B018 – world's lightest in its class

World’s lightest in the 18-200mm class (400g / 14.1oz)

  • Advanced mechanical design incorporates high durability engineering resin
  • Incredible balance and comfortable feel – even with small and light APS-C DSLRs

New higher-performance, higher-precision AF drive module

  • Newly designed autofocus drive module with optimal DC motor-gear train integration focuses faster
  • Easier to capture fast-moving subjects with speed and accuracy
  • Quieter-less drive noise than lenses using conventional DC motors
  • Ideal for recitals and other quiet situations

Focal length: 65mm Exposure: F/8 1/640sec ISO400 ©Thomas Kettner

Tamron B018
Tamron B018 VC

VC (Vibration Compensation) for sharp handheld shooting

Tamron’s proprietary image stabilisation mechanism lets you take excellent, shake-free photos indoors, at night, and in other low-light conditions.

  • Makes precise, optimal corrections that counteract camera movement
  • Drastically reduces sharpness-robbing vibrations

Focal length: 75mm Exposure: F/5.6 1/4 sec ISO400

A moisture-resistant construction for shooting outdoors

Helps protect the lens when used outdoors even in inclement weather*

* Not intended to be used underwater or in heavy rain

Tamron B018 moisture-resistant construction
Rounded bokeh from the Tamron B018

Fantastic round blurring effects with a circular diaphragm

  • Maintains almost perfectly round shape even at two stops down from its maximum aperture
  • Provides desirable and beautiful bokeh with point light sources blurring into naturally rounded shapes

Focal length: 130mm Exposure: F/8 1/250 sec ISO400

Technical information


Model B018
Focal Length 18-200mm
Maximum Aperture F/3.5-6.3
Angle of View (diagonal) 75゜33′ – 7゜59′
Optical Construction 16 elements in 14 groups
Minimum Object Distance 0.49m/19.3 in. (at 180mm)
0.77m/30.3 in. (at 35mm)
[at f=18, 200mm: 0.5m /19.7 in.]
Max. Magnification Ratio 1:4 (at f=200mm: MOD 0.5m)
Filter Size Φ62mm
Maximum Diameter Φ75mm
Length*1 for Canon: 96.6mm (3.8 in.)*
for Nikon: 94.1mm (3.7 in.)*
Weight 400g (14.1 oz.)*
Aperture Blades 7 (circular diaphragm)*2
Minimum Aperture F/22-40
Standard Accessories Flower-shaped lens hood, Lens caps
Compatible Mounts Canon, Nikon, Sony*3

Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc. are subject to change without prior notice.
*Length and weight are based on figures for the Canon and Nikon-mount lens.
*1 Length is the distance from the front tip of the lens to the lens mount face.
*2 The circular diaphragm stays almost perfectly circular up to two stops down from maximum aperture.
*3 The Sony mount version does not include VC because Sony DSLR bodies incorporate built-in image stabilisation.


Optical Construction